I. Sc. Ag. Animal Science

Programme Description

The Diploma in Agriculture (Intermediate in Science in Agriculture) major in animal Science course is of 3 years duration. First year covers basic sciences, math’s and languages which provide base for the study in subsequent years and also provide the base for bachelor level study in related field. Second year courses are of mixed type which covers common agriculture related courses such as Extension and Community development, Elimentary Statistics and basic Computer Sciences, Agribusiness Management and Marketing, Aquaculture, Introductory Plant Science and some specialized courses of animal sciences such as Animal Nutrition and Fodder Production, Sheep and Goat production, Animal Health I (clinical medicine) and Animal Housing and Environmental Sciences. Third year courses are totally related to animal husbandry and veterinary sciences which include Animal Health II( preventive veterinary medicine), Commercial Dairy Farming, Dairy and Animal Product Technology, Commercial Poultry Production, Veterinary Laboratory Techniques, Equine, Rabit and Pets, Veterinary Clinical Practice and Work Experience Program (WEP).


Aim and Objectives of the program


Produce competent mid-level human resources equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills in agriculture, basic veterinary Science, animal husbandry and related subjects


The specific objectives are:

1. Provide sufficient knowledge of basic sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), maths and languages so that the graduates can compete with +2 science students in bachelor level study

2. Provide sufficient knowledge and skills of community actions and social mobilization so that they can work as extension worker in the community.

3. Provide knowledge and skills in care and management of major domesticated livestock species and pets.

4. Provide basic knowledge and skills of animal health and hygiene required for field veterinary services.

5. Produce competent graduates who can work as veterinary para-professional under the guidance and responsibility of veterinarians.


Target Groups

SLC passed graduates with minimum second division marks


Group Size

 40 students in one batch


Target Groups

SLC passed graduates with minimum second division marks


Group Size

 40 students in one batch



The council for technical education and vocational training will award certificates in "Diploma in Agriculture (I.Sc.Ag.) Major in Animal Science" to the candidates who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the CTEVT.


Career Path

The graduates would be eligible to work as mid-level technicians (Junior Technician, JT) in department of livestock services and related sector as prescribed by the Public Service Commission or the concerned authorities. The graduates will be eligible to apply for the entrance examination to study B Sc Ag and B V Sc & AH , B Sc Animal science and other related programs of PU, TU and other recognized universities of Nepal and abroad.


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