I. Sc. Ag. Plant Science

Programme Description

            This course is based on the job required to be performed by a middle level agriculture technician in different institutions of Nepal. Diploma in Agriculture course extends over 3 years. The first year focuses on basic sciences and fundamental subjects, the second year on agriculture, soil management and conservation, community development and running a farmer field school, and the third year is given to cover the other agriculture related subjects and to the application of learned theory and skill development within comprehensive practice settings in both agriculture related institutions and communities.


Aim and Objectives of the program

Main aim of this three-year job-oriented academic Programme in agriculture after the SLC graduation is envisaged by the institute. The 3 years Diploma Programme is therefore oriented to include fundamental courses in the first year. Remaining two years are concentrated for agriculture sciences including the course on entrepreneurship, which is limited in past I. Sc. courses. It is generally felt that there is greater need to have middle level human resources capable of taking establishing the self-enterprise. This course is designed to fulfill this gap. Besides, this vocational course will address a long felt need for a shorter course aimed at imparting practical agriculture skills and also opening up a host of employment and entrepreneurial possibilities to students. The overall objective of the program is to produce qualified agriculture technical human resources required for livelihood improvement of community through the participatory methods.



The aim of this course is to produce mid-level human resources equipped with knowledge and skills in agriculture and allied subjects


The objectives of this course are summarized as follows.

• to provide technical knowledge and skills in different aspects of agriculture, horticulture and plant protection with community development and entreprenurship.

• to produce quality human resources to provide technical and managerial services in public and private agriculture sector

• to develop competency in agriculture related enterprises

• to provide extensive field based experiences to meet specific and growing needs of different agriculture and horticulture stakeholders


Target Groups

SLC passed with second division youths are the target groups for this course.


Group Size

There will be 40 students in a batch.


Entry Criteria

The entry criteria are:

• School Leaving Certificate (SLC) with second division.

• Entrance examination will be organized to test the entry qualification of students, which will be administered by the CTEVT.

• Final selection will be made on the basis of merit list. Student quota for different categories should be fixed as per CTEVT policies.

• Candidates will submit the following documents at the time of application:

• SLC passed certificate

• Character certificate

• Citizenship certificate (only for the verification of students name, parent's name, age, date of birth and address) 



The council for technical education and vocational training will award certificates in "Diploma in Agriculture" to the candidates who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the CTEVT.

Career Path

The graduates would be eligible to work as mid-level technicians (Junior Technician, JT) in Agriculture sector as prescribed by the Public Service Commission or the concerned authorities. The graduates would also be eligible to apply for the entrance examination administered by the Institute of Agriculture.


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